The exhibition VOOR NIKS (“for free “) is all about getting things for free. In my project you can get money for free!

The project starts in the city of Heerlen (NL). I distributed 10 cent coins all over the city for you to take away. But it is not that simple. Some coins are for TAKE away and some are just FAKE. The FAKE coins are super glued on the pavements, streets, walls, and you cannot take them with you [well, maybe if you try really hard with some super tool… good luck ;)]. Anyway, the TAKE coins are a present just for you and VOOR NIKS.

Once you have found the coins, it is now YOUR turn. You can use your 10 cents to go on vacation to - Istanbul! How is that possible, you may ask. Well, just come to the kunstencentrum Signe (kuS) in Heerlen (NL), say hello, and ask for the Turkish travel agency (*. There you can spend your coins on the best and most effortless vacations you ever had. Give the 10 cent coins back to me and I will distribute them all over the city of Istanbul in a place that YOU pick. Just mark your place on the map of Istanbul at kuS. No stress reading travel guides, buying plane tickets, and booking hotels!

In this blog you will find out how your vacations have been. So watch your coins!